Garden Angel™ Plum Begonia

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Art. No.: 75101
Licensor: Terra Nova
Patent: PPAF PVR
Width: 55 cm
Height: 55 cm
the height of the flowering plants: 55 cm
Blooming months: August - September
Leaf: Plummy-red silvery with dark veins
Exposure: Shade
Hardiness Zone: 7
licence : 0,10 €/szt.
Programs: Patio & Premium
Annual / Tender
Gorgeous, rich, plummy-red violet leaves fill out this plant, top to bottom. This is the largest of the three in the GARDEN ANGEL™ Series and a garden star for sure. Each shrub-like plant has many stems and is husky and self supporting. It'll reach about 24" tall and wide the first year you plant it. 'Garden Angel Plum' is outstanding as a solitary plant in the garden or container and a great foil for silver foliaged ferns
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