Colours of Nature

All perennials offered by Vitroflora will be sold under a common
brand named 'Colours of Nature'. This group of plants deserves this
distinction like no other. The whole beauty of nature is presented
by these plants which, thanks to their leaves' colours, wealth of
flowers and different flowering time, give life to your garden for
almost whole year. For gardeners-producers it gives also a possibility
to crop and sell them all over the year. To help you find the path
through the abundance and diversity of varieties we divided them
into groups with their own unique brand names. The idea of the
offer creators was to make the choice easier for the producers and
to help in sales of whole groups of plants marked with common
logo, for which we are planning to prepare marketing materials for
customers' market.















nr. kat New Leaf Color(s) Flower Color Photo
74483 Gold Chang Nowość Pink Foto
75092 Primrose Cottage   yellow Foto
73089 Grande™ Ametyst Nowość Foto
73090 Grande™ Black Nowość Foto
73093 Lemon Supreme Nowość Foto
73754 Electric Lime   Yellow with red vein White Foto
73774 Peach Crisp   Red Amber White Foto
73094 Northern Exposure™ Black Nowość Foto
73095 Northern Exposure™ Purple Nowość Foto
79438 Burnished Bronze   Shiny Bronze White Foto
79386 Purity   White Foto
78189 Gold'n Sapphires Nowość Foto
77617 White Star Nowość Foto
75708 Monet Moment   Deep Pink Foto
71882 Blossom   Pink-White Foto
76321 Sweet Seduction Blue   Blue Foto
76322 Sweet Seduction Pink   Pink Foto
76202 Emerald Blue   Bright Lavender Foto
76265 Emerald Pink   Deep Pink Foto
76274 Snowflake   White Foto
79303 Raspberry Splash   Green with white spots Bright Pink Foto
78274 Salute Pink   Pink Foto
78244 Snow Hill   White Foto
71850 Alpino Early™ Pink Heart   Pink with Dark Center Foto
75262 Wildfire Nowość  
74546 Carmen Nowość Deep Pink Foto
74548 Commander Hay Nowość  
74549 Kalinda Nowość Foto
74550 Red Beauty Nowość  
74547 Ruby Hearts Nowość Foto
74539 Donkey's Ears Nowość Foto
79168 Diadeem Nowość White with Lemon Centre Foto
74439 Kudos™ Gold   Orange Foto
75427 Kudos™ Red Nowość Red Foto
75428 Poquito™ Lavender Nowość Foto
73233 Pretty Lady Diana   Deep Pink Foto
70901 Sun King   Light Green Creamy Foto
73316 Key Largo   Light Pink Foto
73318 Super Sprite   Pink Foto
75103 Garden Angel™ Blush   Sliver violet with black veins Foto
75101 Garden Angel™ Plum   Plummy-red silvery with dark veins Foto
75102 Garden Angel™ Silver   Silver with green veins Foto
70790 Dumbo   Deep Green Pink Foto
70747 Nanho Blue   Blue Foto
70748 Royal Red   Purple Foto
70749 White Profusion   White Foto
72226 Pantaloons   Light Purple Foto
72271 Milky Way   White Foto
72225 Pink Octopus   Pink Foto
72357 Buttermilk   Light Yellow Foto
72326 Snowberry   Creamy white with red eye Foto
72349 Desert Coral   Red Foto
72325 Garnet   Foto
74242 Amore Pink™   Light Pink Foto
74232 Dixie Sun   yellow Foto
77444 Rainbow Apricot Nowość Foto
77460 Rainbow Yellow Nowość Foto
77452 Real Green Nowość Foto
77450 Strawberry and Cream Nowość Foto
79696 Tangerine Dream   Green Orange Red Foto
79688 Firebird   Red Foto
79209 Now Cheesier   Golden Yellow Foto
79671 Green Eyes   Foto
79679 Tiki Torch   Dark Orange Foto
74234 Meteor Red   Red Foto
74235 Meteor Yellow   yellow Foto
74203 Coconut Lime   White & Green Foto
74259 Supreme™ Elegance   Pink Foto
74248 Supreme™ Flamingo   Deep Pink Foto
75038 Frenzy   light green Red Foto
75039 Moxie   deep green Orange Foto
71308 Freefolk Rosy   Foto
75093 Rustico™ Orange   Orange Red Foto
77420 Festival Pink Lady Nowość Foto
79290 Festival White Nowość White Foto
73783 Apple Crisp   Green White Foto
73751 Autumn Leaves   Rust Red Pink White Foto
73720 Green Spice   Green Vein White Foto
73791 Hercules ®   Green creamy marbled Red Foto
73777 Kassandra   Gold Bronze White Foto
73021 Lime Ruffles   Lime Green with white overlay White Foto
73758 Lipstick   Green Red Foto
73022 Midnight Ruffles   Purple White Foto
74429 Cracked Ice   Blue and green tones with veining White Foto
73055 Happy Hour Lime   Light green White Foto
79375 Lemon Popsicle™   yellow Foto
74469 Belgian Lace   Creamy White with Yellow eye Foto
79378 Purple Haze   Purple-Blue Foto
78166 Silvery Blue   Silvery Blue Foto
76310 Flame Light Pink   Light Pink Foto
76317 Flame Ruby   Foto
76218 Fondant Fancy   Deep Pink with darker center Foto
76269 Grenadine Dream   Purple Foto
76229 Jade   White Foto
76221 Peppermint Twist   Pink with White Striped Foto
76226 Purple Kiss   Foto
76228 Swizzle   Pink White with hot pink eye Foto
76223 Tequila Sunrise   Orange Foto
76257 Younique White   White Foto
72980 Sunbeckia® Julia Nowość Foto