Colours of Nature

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All perennials offered by Vitroflora will be sold under a common
brand named 'Colours of Nature'. This group of plants deserves this
distinction like no other. The whole beauty of nature is presented
by these plants which, thanks to their leaves' colours, wealth of
flowers and different flowering time, give life to your garden for
almost whole year. For gardeners-producers it gives also a possibility
to crop and sell them all over the year. To help you find the path
through the abundance and diversity of varieties we divided them
into groups with their own unique brand names. The idea of the
offer creators was to make the choice easier for the producers and
to help in sales of whole groups of plants marked with common
logo, for which we are planning to prepare marketing materials for
customers' market.















nr. kat name New Leaf Color(s) Flower Color Photo
73089 Grande™ Ametyst Nowość Foto
73090 Grande™ Black Nowość Foto
73093 Lemon Supreme Nowość Foto
73094 Northern Exposure™ Black Nowość Foto
73095 Northern Exposure™ Purple Nowość Foto
77617 White Star Nowość Foto
74546 Carmen Nowość Deep Pink Foto
74548 Commander Hay Nowość Foto
74549 Kalinda Nowość Foto
74550 Red Beauty Nowość Foto
74547 Ruby Hearts Nowość Foto
79168 Diadeem Nowość White Foto
75428 Poquito™ Lavender Nowość Foto
74439 Kudos™ Gold   Orange Foto
75427 Kudos™ Red Nowość Red Foto
77444 Rainbow Apricot Nowość Aprocot Foto
77460 Rainbow Yellow Nowość Foto
77452 Real Green Nowość Foto
77450 Strawberry and Cream Nowość Foto
76310 Flame Light Pink   Light Pink Foto
72980 Sunbeckia® Julia Nowość Foto
72981 Sunbeckia® Ophelia Nowość Foto
72979 Sunbeckia® Paulina Nowość Foto
72946 Mandarine SmileyZ   Foto
72947 Speedy SmileyZ   Foto
72949 Forever Gold Nowość Yellow Foto
74114 Spartina pectinata 'Aureomarginata'   Foto
79101 Carex digitata   Foto
79869 Carex siderosticha 'Lemon Zest'   Lemon Foto
79150 Palava Nowość Foto
79992 Tasmanian Angel™   Green with white margin Pink Foto
79317 Whitewater   Green with white margin Foto
74295 Fatal Attraction   Deep Pink Foto
74296 Green Jewel   Foto
77404 Innocent Meadow Mama   Foto
77405 Sweet Meadow Mama   Foto
74297 Virgin   White Foto
79372 Spider's Web   Dark green with white margins and stains Creamy Foto
71414 Avalanche   dark green White Foto
79447 Spotty Dotty   Green Yellow Red Foto
70422 Bronze Peacock   Green Brown Pink Foto
78250 Amistad   Dark Purple Foto
74489 Bright Edge   Foto
79455 Color Guard   Green Cream Creamy White Foto
79454 Sapphire Skies   Silver Blue White Foto
79539 Arundo donax 'Ely' (Variegata compact)   Foto
79130 Carex 'Feather Falls'   Foto
79163 Carex 'Ribbon Falls' Nowość Foto
74269 Cortaderia selloana 'Golden Goblin'   Foto
74253 Cortaderia selloana 'Pumila'   Foto
79414 Black Negligee   Dark Purple White Foto
74472 Carbonella   Light Pink Foto
70758 Misty Blue   White Foto
70763 Pink Spike   White-Pink Foto
75402 Morello Nowość Carmine Red Foto
70741 Black Scallop   Brown Black Lavender Blue Foto
70731 Blueberry Muffin   Purple Green Blue Violet Foto
72802 Burgundy Glow   White Cream Green Blue Foto
72803 Catlin's Giant   Coppery Purple Blue Foto
72804 Mahogany   Purple Blue Foto
72807 Rainbow   Green Gold and Yellow Blue Foto
70732 Sparkler   Dark green with creamy splashes Blue Foto
72808 Ajuga reptans 'Variegata'   Green with white stains Blue Foto
73210 Andrea Atkinson   White Foto
73250 Bressingham Glow Nowość Foto
73201 Honorine Jobert   White Foto
73220 Lorelei   Pink Foto
73209 Margarete   Deep Pink Foto
73222 Monte Rose   Deep Pink Foto
73202 Pamina   Deep Pink Foto
73213 Preacox   Deep Pink Foto
73203 Prinz Heinrich   Deep Pink-Violet Foto
73211 September Charm   Pink Foto
73205 Serenade   Pink Foto
73225 Splendens   Pink Foto
73212 Whirlwind   White Foto
73945 Starshine   White Foto
73940 Island Bahamas   Red-Pink Foto
73941 Island Barbados   Blue Foto
73942 Island Samoa   Violet Foto
73943 Island Tonga   Purple Foto
73317 Key West   Bronze green with red margins. Red Foto
73314 Color Flash   Red Purple Foto
73326 Color Flash Lime   Foto
73315 Delft Lace   Light Pink Foto
75090 April Love   White Foto
79993 Hadspen Blood   Light Pink Foto
71538 Moulin Rouge   Deep Green Red Foto
71522 Roma®   Deep Pink Foto
75010 White Angel   Foto
70784 Dragonfly™ Angel Kiss   Green, dark wine-red in winter White Foto
70785 Dragonfly™ Sakura   Purple black in winter Pink Foto
70702 Pink Dragonfly™   Purple Deep Pink Foto
70773 Eroica   Dark green, Purple Red in winter Purple Foto
74433 Flirt   Green, almost black in winter Deep Pink Foto
74435 Jelle   Deep Green White Foto
74436 Spring Fling   Green, almost black in winter Deep Pink Foto
71880 Alexander's Great   Very large, heavily silvered Blue Foto
71830 Silver Heart   Silver with green veins Sky Blue Foto
79796 Diane's Gold   Light Blue Sky Blue Foto