Colours of Nature

All perennials offered by Vitroflora will be sold under a common
brand named 'Colours of Nature'. This group of plants deserves this
distinction like no other. The whole beauty of nature is presented
by these plants which, thanks to their leaves' colours, wealth of
flowers and different flowering time, give life to your garden for
almost whole year. For gardeners-producers it gives also a possibility
to crop and sell them all over the year. To help you find the path
through the abundance and diversity of varieties we divided them
into groups with their own unique brand names. The idea of the
offer creators was to make the choice easier for the producers and
to help in sales of whole groups of plants marked with common
logo, for which we are planning to prepare marketing materials for
customers' market.













nr. kat Nazwa Nowość Barwa Foto
70741 Black Scallop   Blue Foto
70731 Blueberry Muffin   Blue Foto
72808 Ajuga reptans 'Variegata'   Blue Foto
73307 Old Gold   White Foto
73309 Variegata   White Foto
73937 Aster X Blue Nowość Blue Foto
73938 Aster X Pink Nowość Pink Foto
73939 Aster X White Nowość White Foto
73502 Glacier Blue (Kitte Blue)   Blue Foto
73529 Axcent Burgundy Nowość Burgundy Foto
73523 Axcent Dark Red   Carmine Red Foto
73524 Axcent Deep Purple Impr.   Purple Foto
73525 Axcent Light Blue   Light Blue Foto
73521 Axcent Lilac Imp.   Lilac Foto
73518 Axcent Violet With Eye Impr.   Violet with Eye Foto
70784 Dragonfly™ Angel Kiss   White Foto
70785 Dragonfly™ Sakura   Pink Foto
70702 Pink Dragonfly™   Dark Pink Foto
74435 Jelle   White Foto
74433 Flirt   Deep Pink Foto
79428 Blue Heron   Deep Blue Foto
79430 Canary Feathers   Yellow Foto
79433 Purple Leaf   Purple Blue Foto
79232 Snow Wave   White Foto
78186 Sundella Apricoat Nowość Apricot Foto
78185 Sundella Lavender Nowość Lavender Foto
78183 Sundella Neon Nowość Purple Violet Foto
78184 Sundella Orange Nowość Orange Foto
78187 Sundella Red Nowość Red Foto
78155 Fire Spinner   Deep Pink, Oranga Foto
77814 Pretty Becky Nowość Purple Red Foto
79668 Gold Heart Nowość Rose Pink Foto
74702 Artist Gogh's Gold   Orange, yellow Foto
74705 Artist Monet Moment   Orange, purple, red Foto
74706 Artist Paintbox   Purple, Orange, Yellow Foto
74704 Artist Picasso Purple   Purple Foto
74703 Artist Rembrandt   Orange, yellow with veins Foto
79287 Ascot Rainbow   Cream Lime and green Foto
79288 Glacier Blue   White Foto
79623 Walberton's Ruby Glow Nowość Green Foto
79237 Tasmanian Tiger   Creamy Yellow Foto
72006 Black Beauty   Light Blue Foto
72007 Purple Ghost   White Foto
71547 Cocktail Alabama Slammer   Gold Orange Foto
71549 Cocktail Tequila Sunrise   Yellow with rose tips Foto
79374 Fire Storm   Orange Foto
71526 Flames of Passion   Red Foto
71548 Mai Tai   Orange Foto
75078 Nonna Nowość Apricot Orange Foto
75092 Primrose Cottage Nowość Yellow Foto
71534 Totally Tangerine Nowość Orange Foto
73045 Rex Dark Amber Nowość Foto
73046 Rex Lime Nowość Foto
73047 Rex Red Nowość Foto
73722 Amber Waves   Pink White Foto
73754 Electric Lime   White Foto
73024 Forever Purple   Purple Pink Foto
73729 Georgia Peach   White Foto
73797 Georgia Plum   Pink Foto
73730 Ginger Ale   Yellow Foto
73756 Lime Marmalade   White Foto
73736 Marmalade   White Foto
73761 Milan   Pink Foto
73007 Paprika   White Foto
73774 Peach Crisp   White Foto
73008 Rio   White Foto
73018 Zipper   White Foto
79438 Burnished Bronze   White Foto
74428 Buttered Rum   White Foto
74430 Fire Frost   White Foto
74437 Infinity   White Foto
70734 Redstone Falls   White Foto
70735 Solar Eclipse   White Foto
79440 Stoplight   White Foto
70704 Sweet Tea   White Foto
74425 Twilight   White Foto
71596 Snowsurfer™   White Foto
79386 Purity   White Foto
76710 Golden Anniversary   Deep Pink Foto
76709 Purple Dragon   Purple Foto
79131 May Snow Nowość Foto
79132 Star of Alps Nowość Foto
78124 Grace Ward   Blue Foto
78125 Heavenly Blue   Deep Blue Foto
78126 Star   Blue with white edge Foto
75710 Chocolate Truffle   Red Foto
75708 Monet Moment   Pink Foto
71881 Beefeater   Red Foto
71882 Blossom   Pink on White Foto
71865 Desert Sun   Yellow Foto
71866 Gladiator   Orange and Yellow Foto
71867 Manhattan Lights   Purple and Yellow Foto
71892 Masterpiece   Bicolour Purple and Orange Foto
71868 Persian Slipper   Blue Foto
71869 Polar Princess   White Foto
71893 Rachel de Thame Nowość Bicolour Pink and White Foto
71883 Salmon Star   Coopery Salmon Foto
71894 Tequila Flame   Bicolour Red and Yellow Foto
71870 Towering Inferno   Orange Red Foto
71885 Purple Emperor   Mauve, magenta Foto