Darek Śnieg

Darek Śnieg – Vice President of Vitroflora, LLC and its Marketing Director.

Affiliated with the company since 1991. He manages the marketing department. Working for Vitroflora is for him a true passion. 

He was born, grew up and experienced his first adventure with school in a small town in the Pojezierze Krajeńskie region. With time he felt  attracted  to big cities, searching out exciting activities and meeting new people. He ended up in Poznań, at the University of Life Sciences, where he commenced his studies at the Department of Horticulture, specializing in ornamental plants. The subject of his diploma thesis was Gerbera. Thanks to the Gerbera, in 1991 his association with Vitroflora has begun. 

Today he is my immediate supervisor and the Vice President of the company. The brand name Artiflora, dealing with Dried Flower Compositions, is his youngest child. However, before he was entrusted with this prestigious position, Mr. Śnieg worked his way up, from a trainee, then work in the sales department, to finally taking over as the marketing director. Ever since, he has taken active part in defining and expanding the company offer, sales strategies and direct marketing. His passion for this line of work has inspired him to complete his MBA studies.
What kind of person is my boss? He is detailed, meticulous, pedantic, accurate ..... but he is also a great cook. After hours, you can spot him on a bike or in the gym. He is a keen aquarist and photographer. Somewhat shy, yet with a sophisticated sense of humor. An ardent lover of olives and the Bulgarian Banica. Sometimes a Don Quixote, and sometimes Leon the Professional ... Which one dominates ? He himself.

Exposed by Monika Karabasz