Tomasz Michalik

Tomasz Michalik - Chairman of the Board for Vitroflora Group of Producers, Limited Liability Company

Tomasz Michalik has been with Vitroflora since 1990. From the beginning, he held executive positions, heading the horticulture division, then the gardening group and finally he became the CEO for the Vitroflora Group of Producers. His responsibilities are, as he likes to phrase it: “Managing relationships between people, processes and external environment. In practice, managing a constant process of change, in order to consolidate company's position in the market.”

He was graduated from the Department of Horticulture at the Poznań University of Life Sciences, specializing in the area of ornamental plants. His decision to work for Vitroflora was intuitive, because being the director of a production company, seemed to him to be much closer to his temperament, than working as a scientist. Today he concedes with satisfaction, that he made the right choice.

Vitroflora’s biggest achievement is its position in the world of gardening. Quoting Mr. Michalik: “The goal we have set, - to make Vitroflora an important player on the European market of ornamental plants, is close to being achieved.” Perhaps not only European? In his assessment, the advantage Vitroflora has, is its family-owned nature and the management style. Flexibility and the ability to quickly adopt to realities of the market, give it a distinct competitive edge. Work gives him the greatest pleasure, when things are moving forward and people are happy.

Employees value him as a man completely devoted to his work, with a great talent for management and profound knowledge of gardening. Himself, - he admits to be driven by the desire to reshape all things.

The chairman’s passions are: breeding purebred hens, collecting plants and the garden as a synthesis of the divine creation. He likes to indulge in his interests, whenever time permits. What he enjoys most, is eating vegetables from his own garden, cooked by his beloved wife. Music that he listens to: classical and jazz.